mandag 28. januar 2008

Tour is over! Back in Riga

Coffé at Svetlanas flat after 12hours on buss from Russia!

søndag 27. januar 2008

Last concert! 'The Place' club, St.Petersburg

Lunar abyss , did a 2 hour(felt like it at least...) wall of chaotic sonic structures

Noises of Russia, more noise and experimental sounds

same old Northaunt...

Svartsinn spreading his dark word for the last time on this tour.


The only cool place

On the tropically hot night train to St.Petersburg was the toilet...

Moscow concert

The Moscow concert was crazy! Really a good night With lots of people(200!) Many of whom would bring their cds for us to sign.

Before we start

Jan and Kirill preparing for the gig.

fredag 25. januar 2008

Backstage at Dom Cultural center, Moscow

Nervous, going on soon...